2014 Grants

This year, 19 grants were awarded supporting the students of the Saline Area Schools including the "Next Generation Classrooms" strategic grant. This initiative offers students a completely redesigned learning space that affords more student collaboration/communication and provides assignments and projects that are authentic and non-traditional, while encouraging creativity/critical thinking. Students have access to a variety of technology tools (laptops, iPad Minis, multiple collaboration/presentation stations, Smartboard) and online resources to support “anytime and anywhere” learning.

Grants Awarded

  • Bringing Reading and Writing Workshops into the 21st Century

    Marcy Goyette
  • Connecting Math Instruction and Assessment Through the iPad

    Joshua Reeves
  • Creating a Solid Foundation Through Decodable Text

    Sherry Soenen
  • Developing Early Reading Behaviors

    Tricia Roberts
  • Empowering Students with Portable Doxie One Scanners and Iriscan

    Deb Waterman
  • Extension of the Lessons for Life at Weinberg Village

    ­Lindsay Guenther
  • Hands-On/Minds-On: Planet Earth

    Lori Black
  • Heritage Food Cart

    Teresa Redding
  • Igniting Ideas-Expanding Expression

    Lin Nichols
  • Improving Speaking Skills With Technology

    Laurie Erby
  • My Sidewalks on Reading Street

    Nicole Phelps
  • Project Based Learning for 21st Century Students

    Laura Odom
  • Projecting Progress

    Kim Munn
  • Promoting Positive Behavior Through Mindfulness

    Brenda Eisele, Terri Pickett, Melissa Talladay
  • Research and Writing with Chromebooks

    Kristy Terech
  • Scraps for Maps

    Jodi McMaster
  • The Wanderer-An International Journey in Song

    Hannah Bingham
  • Using iPads for Mathematics Instruction and Assessment

    Brett Parachek
  • Visualizing Feedback and Assessing Particulate Drawing & Developing CER

    Bridgette Sparks