2021-2022 Grant Recipients

2021-2022 saw over 40 grants that funded programs across every aspect of SAS students' lives. From a new space for the elementary and middle school robotics programs to literacy resource in every grade level to new cutting edge curricula, SAS is stronger than ever!

Grants Awarded

  • 2022 Girls Who Code Club Books

    Karyn Bloch District
  • Believe in Your Shelf at SMS!

    Kelly Voigt Saline Middle School
  • Book Club Books

    Kara Wetzel Heritage School
  • CALMER: Children Are Learning Modulation & Emotional Regulation

    Bekah Lantis, Liz Barnard, Emily Petrous, Casey Cook Woodland Meadows
  • Camp Imagination

    Mary Ledford, Tina D'Andrea Pleasant Ridge Elementary
  • Classroom Furniture for Flexibility, Community & Support

    Natalie Freeburn Saline High School
  • Culturally Responsive Literature

    Shannon Sweet, WM Equity Team Woodland Meadows
  • Debate Club Scholarships

    Anna Healy, Shelly Venema, Lizzy Sandru, Andreanna Ulery, Neil Sachdeva Saline High School
  • Digital Signage

    Deborah Waterman, Lisa York, Troy Wissink Saline Middle School
  • Dramatic Play Learning Space for Young 5s

    April Rauscher Woodland Meadows
  • Ecuadorian/Malian Partnership with Tandana

    Jen Denzin Saline High School
  • Free & Voluntary Reading Library

    Ireland Van Eck Saline High School
  • Graphing Technology

    Heather Meloche Saline High School
  • Highlighting Success Story from Saline

    Kelly Widman District
  • Inclusive Playground: Sway Fun

    Nicole Phelps Pleasant Ridge Elementary
  • Jump Start Your Learning!

    Laura Washington Saline Middle School
  • Let’s Get Drummin!

    Jessica Markey, Abigail Sievers Saline High School
  • Let’s Play! Teaching our Youngest Learners Cooperation & Communication Through Games

    Tina D'Andrea, Michael Sherman, Nicole McKelvey District
  • Link Leader Training

    Musetta Deneen, Laurie Dawson Saline High School
  • Little Collaborators

    Bekah Lantis, Mary Ledford, Melissa Reeves District
  • MISelf in Books at Saline Middle School

    Kelly Voigt Saline Middle School
  • Old School Meets New School: Bringing Dissections Back To The Evolving NGSS Classroom

    Sarah Stukey Saline High School
  • Open Window Reading

    Heidi Phelps Saline High School
  • Outdoor Learning Space

    LeighAnn Meyer, Bridget Corie, Lisa Bruckman, and Laura Odom) Saline Middle School
  • Pathway to Inclusion

    Claire Altevogt, Sarah Rosati, Campbell Miltenberger, Grace Munn, Julia Munday, Ava Schmidt, Shane Pitcher, Morgan Kubitz, Cam Smith, Saline High School
  • Pickleball Upgrade

    Joe Welton Saline High School
  • Read While You Wait

    Laura Washington Saline Middle School
  • Reading & Competing: Creating a Space for STEM

    Alisha Sachdeva, Arjun Sennerikuppam, Emerson Myers Saline Middle School
  • Saline Area School Multilingual Grant

    Katherine O'Keeffe District
  • Saline Celebrates

    Musetta Deneen, Theresa Stager Saline High School
  • Saline Middle School German Library

    Dwayne Stange Saline Middle School
  • Saline Strength Functional Wellness Program

    Saline High School
  • Saline Strength Functional Wellness Program

    Joe Welton, Rocky Palazzolo, Nikki Hotopp, Dave Ostrander Saline High School
  • SAS Historical Library Project

    Anna Britnell Liberty School
  • SEL curriculum

    Kenyatta Hughes Pleasant Ridge Elementary
  • Sensory Solutions: A Structured Sensory Space

    Courtney Brothers Harvest Elementary
  • Shifting the Balance Book Club

    Jenn Nelson District
  • Spanish Library & Culture

    Astrid Leese Saline High School
  • The Celebration Station – A DEI Library for Teachers

    Mary Ledford, Olivia Arnett Pleasant Ridge Elementary
  • WEB – Where Everybody Belongs

    Laura Washington Saline Middle School
  • Where in the World?! Using Augmented Reality Globes for Research

    Mary Ledford District
  • Woodland Meadows Literacy Library Update & Enhancement

    Erin Grunas Woodland Meadows