Hall of Fame

The FSAS Hall of Fame honors individuals who have demonstrated outstanding individual ability, leadership, character, personal drive and dedication. Their lives and accomplishments serve to inspire our students and the Saline community.

These individuals have met the following requirements:

  • Have gained recognition and prominence in his/her field or endeavor and/or made noteworthy contributions to that field or in community service
  • Are a person of integrity and good character
  • Have exemplified the principles, philosophy and mission of the Saline School District and the FSAS Alumni Association

Nominations will be open January 1, 2023 for the next class of inductees into The Foundation for Saline Area Schools Hall of Fame

Class of 2022

We are looking forward to inducting the class of 2022 during the Hall of Fame weekend September 9-10, 2022.

Malcolm “Mac” Danforth

Distinguished Educator

Band Director 1966-1978

David Helmer

Distinguished Alumni

Saline High School Class of 1993

Ruby Kuhl

Distinguished Educator

Saline Elementary School, Jensen Elementary, Administrator 1959-1969

Terry Walters

Distinguished Educator

Saline Administrator 1977-2005

Dave Wolter

Distinguished Educator

Music department educator from 1964-2000.

Amy Yakola

Distinguished Alumni

Saline High School Class of 1994

Class of 2021

Kathy Bakian

Distinguished Educator

Health and Physical Education Teacher and Counselor from 1970- 2000

Olivia Fanning

Distinguished Educator

Elementary Teacher from 1973-2001

Grant Gilmore

Distinguished Alumni

Saline High School Class of 2002

Nancy Thelen

Distinguished Alumni

Saline High School Class of 1970 and Distinguished Service – Saline Community Fair

Class of 2020

Barb Cey

Distinguished Educator

Elementary Teacher and Instructional Services Coordinator from 1974-2005

Kim Kaster

Distinguished Service

Community business owner – Brewed Awakenings

Ruth Lockwood

Distinguished Educator

Elementary Teacher from 1972-2001

Jon Voigtman

Distinguished Alumni

Saline High School Class of 1980

Zach Wigal

Distinguished Alumni

Saline High School Class of 2008

Silas Woods

Distinguished Alumni

Saline High School Class of 1956

You can help us by nominating exceptional individuals for the next Hall of Fame class!


Class of 2019

Jennifer Allison

Jim Cameron

Kenny Feldkamp

Duane Koppelman

Mary Thomas

Class of 2018

Deborah Budnick

Michael Jhung

David Johnson

Betsy Marl

Sandy Nadig

Robert Phillips

Kenneth Sturms

Sam Swartz

Class of 2017

Dr. Katherine Ramsland (Johnston)

Mary Gordon Converse

Ellen Ewing

Hamilton Morningstar

Carol Pirkola

Cristela Scanlon

Michael Smith

Becca Sweitzer

Class of 2016

Audrey Barkel

Lynne Coughlin

Russ Ernest

Howard Hill

James L. Hoeft

Elizabeth Moore

Bradley Phillips

Class of 2015

Jack E. Crabtree

Taylor Jaobsen

Jim Letcher

Brynn O’Malley

Jesse A. Stevenson

Marlene Weintraub

Class of 2014

Walt Byers Other

Clement Corona

Carlee Greene

Cheryl Hoeft

Kim Van Hoek

Roy Palmeri

Kay Rayment

Bonnie Rideout

Paul Thibault