Our Staff and Volunteers


Executive Director

We are truly blessed to have a community that supports the Foundation not only financially, but with its time and energy. Our board and volunteers make everything we do possible. I’d like to extend a thank you with all my heart for the time and talent given by these individuals.

Our Board

To ensure that the Foundation stays true to its mission and its community, it is guided by a board composed of volunteers from the community that all have a valuable perspective and a vested interest in the continued success of the Saline Area Schools. Board members are elected, serve 3-year terms and are composed as follows:

• Parents and professionals in the community
• School district representatives (non-voting)
• Student representatives (non-voting)



Amy Sankaran

University of Michigan Law School Saline Parent

Ben Lilley

Vice President
Owner – Qualutions, Inc. Saline Parent

Tom Costigan

Certified Financial Planner Parent Community Volunteer

Sarah Caruana

Recording Secretary
Saline Parent Community Volunteer

Board Members

Andre Beduschi

Student Representative
Saline High School Student Class of 2022

Sue Corcoran

Community Volunteer SAS Alumna Parent

Kara Davis

FSAS District Liaison
Teaching and Learning Team Lead

Lisa Chenevey Dempsey

Realtor Volunteer

Tavi Finn

Principal, WSR Certified Public Accountants, P.C. Saline Parent

Beth Foley

Saline Parent Community Volunteer

Adrianne Fuhs


Jim Hayes

Marketing Consultant & Artist Community Volunteer Saline Parent

Dr. Steve Laatsch

FSAS District Liaison
Superintendent, Saline Area Schools

Carolyn McFarlane

Saline Parent Community Volunteer

Katie Murphy

President Emeritus Associate General Counsel, University of Michigan Parent

Christopher Myers

Owner & CTO NewFoundry Saline Parent Community Volunteer

Katie Nadig

University of Michigan Ross Business School & Great Lakes Educational Group Saline Parent Volunteer

Elyse Narbut

student representative
Saline High School Student Class of 2022

Dr. Ryan Rowe

administration representative
SWWC Executive Director

Jennifer Steben

BOE Representitive
Board of Education, Saline Area Schools

Anne White


Former Board Members

Since 1987 the tireless efforts of the Board of Trustees have been crucial to the success of the Foundation. We thank our past trustees for their contributions and dedication to quality education in Saline.

  • Anne Balazs trustee
  • David Barsantee trustee
  • Aramide Boatswain administration representative
  • Ron Boldman trustee
  • Andrew Bosinger trustee
  • Margie Bovee trustee
  • Deb Brow trustee
  • Dana Burkley trustee
  • Nancy Byers trustee
  • Derek Caldwell Class of 2021
  • Lou Candiotti trustee
  • Patrick Cavanaugh trustee
  • Geoff Crosbie trustee
  • Pam Dahlmann trustee
  • Robert Dawid trustee
  • Karen Delhey trustee
  • Michelle Doran trustee
  • Christine Faeth trustee
  • Lisa Flynn trustee
  • Scott Fosdick trustee
  • Kelli Gatecliff trustee
  • Marilyn Geiger trustee
  • Tom Gotelaere trustee
  • Elaine Heiserman trustee
  • Beth Henschen trustee
  • Cheryl Hoeft trustee
  • Kim Van Hoek trustee
  • Ken Rogers Jr. trustee
  • Tom Kirvan trustee
  • Annherst Kreitz trustee
  • Kathleen Krone trustee
  • Bhushan Kulkarni trustee
  • Mary Laidlaw trustee
  • Bill Lavery trustee
  • Amy Long trustee
  • Jeffrey McLaughlin trustee
  • Woodie Merchant trustee
  • Dan Ouellette trustee
  • Bruce Paxton trustee
  • Reid Paxton trustee
  • Alicia Ping trustee
  • Cathy Redies trustee
  • Tom Redies trustee
  • Kurt Schmerberg trustee
  • Nancy Schmerberg trustee
  • Sean Skelly trustee
  • Norma Smith trustee
  • Kelly Spadafore trustee
  • Patti Tanner trustee
  • Zoe Thompson trustee
  • Art Trapp trustee
  • Dan Troyka trustee
  • Dennis Valenti trustee
  • Karen Vizza trustee
  • Will Warner trustee
  • Jason Widman trustee
  • Abha Wiersba trustee
  • Sherri Wolf trustee
  • Brian Woodruff trustee