Grant History

FSAS enriches the student experience at Saline Area Schools by funding a portfolio of grants that provide incubators/catalysts for learning, align with key educational initiatives (e.g., SAS Compass) and complement school operational budgets.

Below, you can explore the past 10+ years of grant making at the Foundation for Saline Area Schools. If you are so inspired to be a part of this movement to deliver superior learning experiences to all of the students of Saline Area Schools, then please consider getting involved by becoming a volunteer, a sponsor, or donating.

Look here to find out more information about how FSAS awards grants each year.

Here listing of our grants through the 2022-2023 school year


Grants Awarded: 0

The 2023-2024 grant cycle is still underway. We’re excited about the grant applications we’re seeing. Stay tuned!

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Grants Awarded: 27

The 2022-2023 grant cycle featured 27 grants that not only bolstered our students’ academic environment, but helped with mental well-being and physical fitness.


Grants Awarded: 42

2021-2022 saw over 40 grants that funded programs across every aspect of SAS students’ lives. From a new space for the elementary and middle school robotics programs to literacy resource in every grade level to new cutting edge curricula, SAS is stronger than ever!


Grants Awarded: 33

In the unprecedented year that was 2020, the Foundation saw a need to bring access to remote education to all those in need. We dedicated half our funds to supporting grants like Saline Live that brought high speed internet access and technical support to our Saline families.


Grants Awarded: 37

2019 was an exciting year for the Saline Area Schools with 37 grants awarded totaling over $135,000. Grants promoting student attribute “Ethical and Responsible Citizen” led the way, followed by those helping SAS students become Complex Thinker and Problem Solvers and Collaborative Leaders.


Grants Awarded: 54

This year, FSAS has funded: $22,000 in teaching/student-led grants, $31,000 in Building grants, and $33,000 in District grants for a total of $86,000 across 54 grants!

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Grants Awarded: 29

This year, FSAS has given: $88,000 to building grants (all buildings in district), $27,766 for 28 teaching grants (including 2 Student-led grants), and $3,912 for Partnership grants totaling $119,678!

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Grants Awarded: 25

This year, the Foundation awarded 25 exciting grants including the strategic grant for the Hornet Hub in September of 2016. The Hornet Hub as an open, collaborative, and innovative 21st century learning space located in the Saline High School Commons.

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Grants Awarded: 21

In 2015, we awarded 21 grants including “Makerspace on the Move” and “Mapdemoneum Relaunch”. The Foundation also funded PROJECT LAUNCH, a new initiative at Heritage School centered around the idea of project/problem-based learning. Students at Heritage will be engaged in meaningful projects that span multiple curricular areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Art, etc) and produce authentic products that involve our global community. The result will be more powerful and connected learning, as well an emphasis on college/career-readiness skills such as collaboration, critical thinking/inquiry and self-direction.

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Grants Awarded: 19

This year, 19 grants were awarded supporting the students of the Saline Area Schools including the “Next Generation Classrooms” strategic grant. This initiative offers students a completely redesigned learning space that affords more student collaboration/communication and provides assignments and projects that are authentic and non-traditional, while encouraging creativity/critical thinking. Students have access to a variety of technology tools (laptops, iPad Minis, multiple collaboration/presentation stations, Smartboard) and online resources to support “anytime and anywhere” learning.


Grants Awarded: 25

The Foundation awarded 25 grants in this grant cycle including grants such as “A Multi-Sensory Approach to Phonics for Pre-school” and “Accessing with iPad Minis”. This year was also the first year of a strategic grant for the “Next Generation Classroom”. Next Generation Classroom learning is about developing a heightened awareness of how, where and why students learn. It’s also about understanding what it takes to engage and meet student needs in relationship to 21st Century skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.


Grants Awarded: 19

The Foundation is proud to announce funding for eighteen teaching initiatives during the 2012 grant cycle totaling more than $19,000. These innovative projects will touch a significant number of Saline students.


Grants Awarded: 19

The Foundation is proud to announce funding for nineteen teaching initiatives during the 2011 grant cycle totaling more than $16,000. These innovative projects will touch a significant number of Saline students.


Grants Awarded: 26

The Foundation is proud to announce funding for twenty-three teaching initiatives during the 2010 grant cycle totaling more than $18,000. These innovative projects will touch a significant number of Saline students.