2015 Grants

In 2015, we awarded 21 grants including "Makerspace on the Move" and "Mapdemoneum Relaunch". The Foundation also funded PROJECT LAUNCH, a new initiative at Heritage School centered around the idea of project/problem-based learning. Students at Heritage will be engaged in meaningful projects that span multiple curricular areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Art, etc) and produce authentic products that involve our global community. The result will be more powerful and connected learning, as well an emphasis on college/career-readiness skills such as collaboration, critical thinking/inquiry and self-direction.

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Grants Awarded

  • #technohistory

    Jacque Easton
  • 21st Century Counseling Space

    Kathy Mussio
  • All Learners on Deck

    Laura Odom
  • Artful Literacy Lockers

    Jen Denzin, Kiersten Gawronski, and Carolyn Kreple
  • Beekeeping at Heritage School

    Gerry Harrison
  • Creative and Collaborative Seating for Kindergarten Students

    Julie Marion and Chandra Batterson
  • Makerspace on the Move

    Mary Ledford
  • Mapdemoneum Relaunch

    Lucas Foster
  • Movement and Cognition

    Bridget Corie
  • Moving Forward With Forbrain

    Lin Nichols
  • Music Together

    Emily Ouelette
  • Outdoor Learning Space (Pergola) Research and Construction

    Jen Denzin
  • Pear Deck to Grapple and Grow

    Joanna Mierkowicz
  • Read and Write for Google: Improving Access to 21st Century Curriculum for Students in the Middle Grades

    Cheri Harsh and Deb Waterman
  • Saline Destination Imagination

    Peter Kudlak sponsored by Brad Bezeau
  • Sensory Integration Equipment

    Natasha Boysal
  • SMS Little Free Library

    Jen Gates
  • Standing Workstation

    Lorrie Weizbacker
  • The Lost Art of Listening

    Lisa Bruckman
  • The Next Gen Gym

    Joe Welton
  • Vernier EKG Sensors for Use in Heart Activity Analysis, Muscle Tension Analysis, Neuromuscular Reflex Analysis, and Experimental Design

    Therese Jastrow