2017 Grants

This year, FSAS has given: $88,000 to building grants (all buildings in district), $27,766 for 28 teaching grants (including 2 Student-led grants), and $3,912 for Partnership grants totaling $119,678!

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Grants Awarded

  • An Approach to Multi-Sensory Instruction

    Nicole Tucci HER
  • Books as Windows Not Mirrors

    Kara Davis SMS
  • Connecting Club Activities Grant

    Trish Fair, Kim Munn, Ben Phelps, Ellie Munn, Maggie Finn, Danny Weidmayer, Emily Finkbeiner SHS
  • Dash Robot Wonder Workshop

    Melissa Talladay, Brenda Eisele, Lin Nichols District
  • Electric Forces and Fields: Let’s Get a Charge Out of this!

    Sherry McCargar SMS
  • Extending use of UDL and Alternative Access

    Heidi Phelps SMS
  • Fit Classroom: Pedal Desks Workstation

    Lorrie Welzbacker PR
  • Fostering Independence and Proper Speech with Amazon Echo Show (Alexa)

    Trina Bell and Olivia Arnett PR
  • Heritage School Store

    Allison Peet and Jennifer Turner HER
  • Hornet Wash & Drive

    Lori Chaput and Holli Neeb SHS
  • Kids Play Piano Grant

    Emily Ouellette PR
  • Kindness Rocks

    Trish Fair, Kim Munn, Ben Phelps, Ellie Munn, Maggie Finn, Danny Weidmayer, Emily Finkbeiner SHS
  • Letters Alive! Bringing Early Literacy Skills to Life Through Augmented Reality

    Joanne Twork and Melissa Waltz PR
  • Let’s Go on an Expedition!

    Gabrielle Clark PR
  • Life Skills Courtyard

    Erin McWatt and Brad Woehlke District
  • Literacy Intervention: The Voyage to Growing Readers

    Liz Mueller SHS
  • Magnetic Ball Wall

    Meg Phillips PR
  • Make That Money! (a Work Incentive Program)

    Lindsay Guenther SHS
  • Ozobot Evo: Robotics in the Classroom, Makerspace, and Beyond

    Widad Luqman HER
  • QBall Grant

    Emily Ouellette, Joe Welton, Gable Clark PR
  • Sea Perch ROV: Expanded Program

    Corbin Brown SHS
  • Second S.T.E.P.S. (Strategically Teaching Empathy and Problem Solving)

    April Rauscher, Emily Petrous, Casey Cook WM
  • SHS Writing Center

    Jen Denzin and Madelyn Clark SHS
  • SHS Writing Center: Literary Magazine Publication

    Jen Denzin and Madelyn Clark SHS
  • So That’s What I Sound Like in My Second Language!

    Katherine O'Keeffe HER
  • Student Voice…Student Choice

    Maranda Moore WM
  • Supporting Language Learners through Read Naturally Strategies

    Cathy Wilkinson SMS
  • The World to the Classroom

    Lucas Foster and Kristen Schwartzenberger SMS
  • Zines Printing Press

    Jamie Vollrath SHS