Thank you to all who joined us at the ribbon cutting ceremony for an all-inclusive playground installed at Pleasant Ridge Elementary school.

The Foundation for Saline Area Schools approved this grant in 2022 to create more inclusive and engaging outside opportunities for all of the Pleasant Ridge students. By adding additional barrier free equipment, we create more moments of inclusion, acceptance, collaboration, and straight up fun for students.

Secondary School Writing Centers Association
November 8-11, 2018
Arlington, VA

Erika Chatell, Liz Colson, Sam Hambleton, and Ari Kok joined SHS Writing Center co-directors, Madelyn Clark and Jen Denzin, on a weekend trip to George Mason University to attend the first national convention of the Secondary School Writing Centers Association (SSWCA). SSWCA, formerly CAPTA (Capital Area Peer Tutoring Association), welcomed over 500 students and directors from 39 schools and universities from across the country: VA, PA, MA, GA, CT, MD, ID, FL, TX, NY, NH, and MI!

Highlights from the conference included peer-led sessions on positive tutoring strategies and growth of peer support across disciplines. Additionally, SHS consultants relished their ability to highlight our online writing review process. Unlike most centers, our center responds to 90% of our submissions online. SHS consultants aim to evaluate this work in order to present at the next conference in spring of 2020.

In addition to the day and a half of conferencing, the SHS group traveled throughout the greater DC area using the Metro. On Saturday, the group visited the National Mall, National Archives, White House, Lincoln, WWII, and Vietnam Memorials. On Sunday, Veterans Day, the group walked through Arlington National Cemetery. It was the perfect place to reflect upon those who lost their lives serving our country, and those who continue to serve to keep Americans safe.

Finally, no trip would be complete without great eats! Trips to Sushi Rock, Tupelo Honey, Alto Fumo, and the Cupcakery did not disappoint.

The SHS Writing Center is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year!
Stop by the Writing Center to pick up an application.



Making a difference one mobile school store at a time! The Student Leadership Club at Heritage School, advised by Mrs. Pete and Mrs. Turner, are showing the impact of being responsible, respectful, and kinder than necessary, in order to make a positive difference in another student or staff member’s life.

The mobile school store travels to different classes throughout the day, rewarding their fellow classmates for their positive actions. When a student has enough blue tickets received from making a difference, they are able to purchase a prize in return. One is only able to receive tickets for outstanding, out-of-the-ordinary actions. The value of a ticket is based on the value of the positive impact.

Not only does the Heritage School Store promote better behavior, but it also exposes the students to the business world. Through promoting the store to the entire school, students gain knowledge on marketing. They are also expressing creativity finding extraordinary ways to have a positive impact on each other, as classmates.

By 2025, the time the Leadership Club students graduate high school, there is a projected 30% growth rate of jobs in the business world. Being young and learning the foundational knowledge of being an entrepreneur will prepare these students for the real world by giving them experience in marketing, selling, communicating, creating and maintaining relationships with customers. All of this is done while maintaining a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.

“The Foundation provided a grant to purchase the prizes for the earned positive tickets to create the school store. This has also has a positive impact on the students and the understanding of the 4 C’s of Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking.” -Mrs. Pete and Mrs. Turner.